A guest and I will deep dive of different topics and characters in the Star Trek Universe, through the eyes of Dr. Beverly Crusher and the Crusher Family. Where we are Crushing the Conversation, One Episode at a Time!

I am a video content podcast that will post LIVE videos every couple of weeks.  

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Season 2
Star Trek Picard: One Year Later
June 22, 202401:10:18

Star Trek Picard: One Year Later

I am joined by long time listener and favorite cosplayer, Erin, as we discuss Star Trek Picard, one year later! Our hits and misses of this season and how exciting it was to see Beverly Crusher again.

Ep: 025 "Beverly: Sith or Jedi?" Featuring Josh
June 20, 202400:51:09

Ep: 025 "Beverly: Sith or Jedi?" Featuring Josh

Communications Open ( https://www.buzzsprout.com/twilio/text_messages/2302178/open_sms) I am joined by Josh (@TwistMyArmcast) from Twin My Arm Podcast as we cross the streams and talk about Beverly Cr...